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Our junior kindergarten program is a structured, academically-based program for children ages 3-4. All students must be fully potty-trained in order to attend the program.

Our rigorous kindergarten program has been developed to help your child set strong foundations as they set out on their journey of learning and discovering. There is a strong emphasis on mastery of grammar level skills as well as opportunities to put those skills into action with hands on learning.​ Students who are ready do not have to be five to enroll in this program

Our elementary program is a well-rounded, classically-based program for grammar-level learning. There is a strong emphasis on both instilling a love for learning in young minds and prioritizing mastery of each concept. Our curriculum covers basic topics from writing, reading, and mathematics, as well as Latin, poetry, Greek myths, geography, and other exciting subject areas. Admission is based upon a student interview.

Our middle school program builds on our elementary focus of the grammar of learning, as we then shift toward exploration of the logic of each subject. As students begin asking "why" and "how," we work to equip them with the means of finding the answers to their questions. Mastery remains the foremost focus of our middle school curriculum. Our curriculum covers language arts, math, and science, as well as cycles of ancient, medieval, and modern history, Latin, Christian studies, and composition. 

Our high school program aims to help form adults who are well-rounded, independent thinkers. Students in 8th-12th grade have entered the rhetoric stage of learning, in which they begin to argue persuasively about a topic, synthesize information, and discern truth. While our program is academically rigorous, character development is an equally important component. We believe each individual has the ability to succeed and thrive in the plans God has for their lives. All of our students are required to regularly participate in public speaking and drama performances, service projects in the community, as well job and college/vocational exploration and observations. Our high school curriculum provides courses in Latin (four years' worth for our high school students), logic, rhetoric, classical music appreciation and theory, composition, science, mathematics, and cycles of ancient, medieval, and modern history and literature.

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