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Classical Education
In all its levels, programs, and teaching, Crestline Academy seeks to: emphasize grammar, logic and rhetoric in all subjects (see definitions below); Encourage every students to develop a love for learning and live up to their academic potential; Provide an orderly atmosphere conducive to the attainment of the above goals.

Grammar: The fundamental rules of each subject.

Logic: The ordered relationship of particulars in each subject.

Rhetoric: How the grammar and logic of each subject may be clearly expressed.

Core Values
(In Alignment with The Classical Education Model, Dorothy Sayers' essay "The Lost Tools of Learning," and standards set forth by the ACCS and CLSA)
  • Pursuing academic excellence
  • Inspiring students to develop a love for learning and wisdom
  • Teaching from a biblical worldview
  • Providing an orderly and safe atmosphere
  • Insisting upon graciousness in all interactions
  • Embodying excellence
  • Demonstrating servants' hearts and laboring in harmony




Where Can I Learn More? 

We truly believe classical, Christian education works best when parents are fully on board with the goals and methodology of their children's schools. Below are some resources for learning more about what we do and why we do it: 

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