2020 Academic Camp Course Descriptions

Inventor’s Camp: June 8th-12th Students will learn about some of history’s great inventors and their amazing inventions. We will look at problems new inventions can solve, and dream up what those inventions may look like. Students will have the chance to imagine the concept of their new idea, and some may even build their new innovation at camp. We will spend each day “tinkering” with and taking apart common household items.

Lifetime Sports: June 15th-19th Students will learn about core values of good sportsmanship, and apply it as they explore a new sport each day of the week.  They will learn the rules and basic game play of each of the sports that they discuss. By the end of camp, students will be equipped to be better sportsmen and hopefully find a love for a new sport.

Bugs, Plants, and Nature Journals: June 22nd-26th Students who attend this camp will gain a new appreciation of the world around us. Time will be spent outside, appreciating and identifying the bugs, plants, and other aspects of nature local to McCall. Along with pressing flowers and collecting/observing bugs, students will get to respond to their environment, either in writing or through drawing pictures, in nature journals.

Rocks, Mountains, and Lakes: July 13th-17th Students will gain a new appreciation for all the natural features in our area, including identifying common rocks and understanding how lakes and mountains work. They will learn about various types of rocks and be able to classify them as they set out on adventures looking for all of the different types.

Transforming Books Into Plays: July 20th-24th Students will explore some of their favorite books and stories from a whole new angle. Aspects of acting and drama will be taught, and our teachers will help students turn their stories into a unique performance. They will be working together to put on a small performance for parents on Friday based on one of the books they study.

All About Animals: July 17th-31st Students who attend this camp will be shown the wonder of all the animals in the animal kingdom. Learners will get to explore animals’ natural habitat and wildlife identification, and explore more about their own particular favorites. They will learn to classify and identify the animals that they observe in their community.

Survival Skills and Hunter’s Camp: August 3rd-7th Everyone who has lived in an area like McCall can benefit from gaining basic survival skills. Students will learn things like basic first aid, starting a fire, and the importance of creating a survival pack to take out in nature. We will also address topics about hunting and gun safety. 

All About Where I Live: August 10th-14th This academic camp will explore the varied, rich history of how the town of McCall, Idaho and our surrounding area came to be. Students will learn about Native American art and culture, as well as folk art and culture developed by miners and homesteaders. Students will get a chance to create art for themselves and learn firsthand about the amazing area in which we live. 

What’s in the Ocean? August 17th-21st Students will spend time exploring what life undersea looks like, as well as beach life. Time will be spent collecting treasures from the beaches at Payette Lake, as well as depicting what life under the sea looks like. Students will be working to complete an oceaned-themed art piece that they will present to their classmates at the end of the week.

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